XNA Game Studio Express Launch Event/Open House

XNA Game Studio Express Launch Event/Open House

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Come join the members of the XNA team as we celebrate the launch of XNA Game Studio Express and the XNA Creators Club! You’ll see demonstrations of how you can build and run XNA Framework-based games on your Xbox 360 and Windows PC, as well as getting a chance to mingle with the XNA product team. Come and check out the final product, as well as samples developed in-house by the XNA team and friends. In fact, bring your own games developed using XNA Game Studio Express and show them off!

We’ll also deliver a number of short “mini tutorials” on XNA Game Studio Express and the XNA Framework based on your requests! Simply let us know what you want us to cover by leaving a comment on this blog post and we’ll work on pulling something together for the most popular requests. We will tally the results and then begin the talks promptly at 6:30pm Monday night.

The Open House will take place in the “Millennium” campus at Microsoft, building E, from 6-8pm, on Monday, Dec 11th. The publicly-accessible cafeteria entrance is located at the back of the Millennium E building. You can find us by using this link here (The actual address is 18600 NE Union Hill Rd., Redmond, WA).

We look forward to seeing you there!

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  • You might have seen the announcement already over on the XNA Team blog -- we're having a party !

  • Always wanted to visit the Xbox Campus? Well next week you can. The XNA team is holding an open house

  • Sounds great guys!

    It would be fantastic to attend, but unfortunately it is a bit far too travel from Australia.

    Would there be any possibility that the talks and/or tutorials could be recorded and made available for those of us who cannot attend?

    Cheers, Michael.

  • I agree completely with Michael; it's too far from Australia :(

    Otherwise I'd come :P

  • The XNA Game Studio Express is launching on December 11th with an open house on the Redmond campus. Too

  • Hopefully you caught it on our team blog, but the XNA Game Studio Express team is hosting a party at

  • I am going to go to this, not as a developer but as a community member and I wanna see what type of stuff is in store for us Xbox 360 gamers in the future and I know my listeners will want to hear about it too.

  • Sweetness, I'm definately gonna be there... over the mountains here I come! Though hopefully this time going to Microsoft I don't get lost >_<

  • I agee with Mike and Pon, for those of us unable to make the trip over the big pond, could the sesions be recorded and/or the mimi-tuturials.

    Unless your going to take the launch on he road and do a few events UK and AUS side.

    Great work guys, looking forward to the final release!.


  • I'm sure someone would want to see tutorials about model animation, shaders, camera usage, doing game states (going from main menu to playing a game, going to a configuration menu, back to the game, etc). I second the request for whatever you do to be recorded and put up for us non-West Coast people to check out. :)

  • Another idea for a tutorial that's been a problem in the forums - using the content manager from game components and non-game component classes.

  • This would be a great event for channel 9 to cover and post videos for all to see.

  • XNA NYC event, please? :)

    Seriously, I'm with others. Machaira's suggestions are perfect -- "model animation, shaders, camera usage, doing game states". Shoot some video and we'll be with you in spirit.

  • Nice - is there any direct connection from Poland? ;)

  • Now we know there's a launch party going on over at Microsoft campus, Redmond. Does that mean we'll get

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