Announcing XNA Game Studio 2.0

Announcing XNA Game Studio 2.0

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Michael Klucher
Program Manager - XNA Community Game Platform

Wow! It's hard to believe that a year ago on this blog we announced the first release of XNA Game Studio Express. Now, here we are again at Gamefest 2007 and, on behalf of the XNA Community Game Platform team, I am pleased to announce our next release: XNA Game Studio 2.0. Let's take a look at some of what's new in XNA Game Studio 2.0!

What’s New with XNA Game Studio?

  • XNA Game Studio 2.0 works in all versions of Visual Studio 2005. This includes Standard and Professional, as well as many other specific editions.

  • The new and improved interface makes it easier for you to manage your Xbox 360 console.

  • You’ll find that managing and building content is easier and more consistent in XNA Game Studio.

  • We’ve included project templates for content importers and processors.

  • You can configure how content is processed with the new ability to set parameters on Content Processors.

What’s new in the XNA Framework? Now you can:

  • Create rich multiplayer games over Xbox LIVE using the new networking APIs.

  • Create Audio more effectively with the new XACT editor!

  • Host XNA Framework games easily inside a Windows Form.

  • Use the virtualized GraphicsDevice: no more special code to handle device reset and recreate!

  • Take advantage of render targets that are more flexible, consistent, and easier to use. Xbox 360 and Windows now support multiple render targets (MRTs) as well.

  • Easily nest one component inside another thanks to improvements in GameComponent.

  • Enjoy many more enhancements and tweaks!

Most of our development on this version has been in response to your feedback. What you see here only scratches the surface of everything new in XNA Game Studio 2.0. As we near the release of XNA Game Studio coming late 2007, we'll have more information.

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  • At XNA Gamefest conference, they announced the winners to Dream Build Play . There actually were two

  • GameFest 2007でXNA Game Studio 2.0のアナウンスがありました。 XNAチームブログ に詳細がありますが、ここでは個人的な意見(つっこみ?)を交えて説明してみたいと思います。

  • Microsoft ha anunciado que sus conjunto de aplicaciones de XNA Game Studio se fusionarán en un único

  • Alors que Joe Wilson vient de révéler à la presse qu'une catégorie Game Development axée sur XNA devrait

  • Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome.

    XNA team I tip my cap to you again.  I can't believe how much you've accomplished, and I am gobsmacked about the networking support.  You guys rock.

  • Are the queries included this time?

  • In my travels to various universities, a few people (students and academics alike) have commented on

  • Is the networking support limited to Xbox Live only? ie. can we access non-Xbox Live resources? can we host servers?

    Also, is there support for accessing the DVD drive?

    Great work :-)

  • Hace exactamente un año en mi post hable de la batalla de formatos abiertos, esta batalla esta a punto

  • Hace exactamente un año en mi post hable de la batalla de formatos abiertos, esta batalla esta a punto

  • Hey Everyone, Let me answer some of the questions that are in the comments:

    swildermuth: This is just an announcement, we’ll post as soon as it’s available!

    Morpheo17: We’ll have more detailed information on how that works soon, just like playing games you will need an Xbox LIVE Gold membership to use the servers (System Link is free)

    Xiaoth: Not currently, Visual Studio 2008 is not a released product yet so there is no immediate plans to support it.

    Xadja, Lmid: Occlusion query’s are now part of the XNA Framework in XNA Game Studio 2.0

    Jonesy: Yes, Networking is through Xbox LIVE only. You still have the ability to use System.Net for other applications on Windows. No support for the DVD drive, what are you looking to do?

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  • OK, so I'm a little late to the game on this one : Michael Klucher Program Manager - XNA Community

  • Any plans to extend the 2GB limit? We're currently planning out a title with lots of polys, artworks and cutscenes. Hence the size limit does not come in handy. ;)

  • Michael Klucher Program Manager - XNA Community Game Platform While we're still hard at work on XNA Game

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