New XNA Creators Club Online web site coming soon!

New XNA Creators Club Online web site coming soon!

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David "LetsKillDave" Weller

Program Manager - XNA Community

Next week, the XNA Creators Club Online site will be shut down for a short time in preparation for the launch of our new site featuring the Community Games on Xbox LIVE Beta. We’re excited about the new design and functionality of the improved XNA Creators Club Online web site, and we eagerly look forward to your return!  In the meantime, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause during the outage

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  • 下周,XNA在线俱乐部将关闭一小段时间,准备我们的新网站:在Xbox LIVE Beta上的游戏社区。我们兴奋于增加的XNA在线俱乐部网站的一些新的设计和功能,和我们希望你们再度归来!在这段时间里,我们对此产生的不便表示歉意。

  • Finally,the BIG day is coming.

  • Whens the down time supposed to end?

  • We aren't giving out an end time just yet...

    but since we did say to look here for updates, we are about 30% through our deployment/upgrade process right now... though, that was the quick part of the process... Hang in there, it's worth the wait.

  • I'm just wondering, but how are non-creators club members going to access these news games when the full version of this is released?

    Will they need a PC or can they just use their 360 to download the games?

  • During the beta, members will be able to access games that are approved for the community directly on the marketplace.

    Unfortunately for non-creators club members, there will be no access to these games during the beta.

    Once the beta is completed (as to your question), anyone will be able to access approved games via the Xbox.

  • Another update on our progress... we are around 50% complete now... things are looking good so far :)

  • Any new updates you're willing to throw our way? :)

  • Ok, we are about 66% done now... ;)

  • Thanks for the updates!

    Will user created games be able to use LIVE networking for online multiplayer, etc?

    (my last question, I promise!)

  • Yeah, user created games will be able to use LIVE for online multiplayer.

  • That'd be a big yes. Your user created games are the same games you can make now, only we've given you a way to distribute them.

    We are almost done with all the prep work and will go into a final testing mode shortly.

    Still can't say exactly when we'll be back but we have moved a few more % now... ;)

  • If you can't answer this I understand but does part of this process move the site to faster hosting? I usually don't have a problem with the speed but there are certain times it could be a little more zippy.

  • That one I can answer. We have moved to a new operations environment and every piece of code is new. While we haven't finished every piece of optimization and performance work just yet, we'll continue to do that in the coming months.

    For now though, you should expect much faster response times, page loads and downloads. If you aren't, please let us know so we can make that better and better...

    Ok... the team is going offline now to dive deep into final testing. See you on the other side!

    Go get those games ready! :)

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