Are you ready for Xbox LIVE Community Games?

Are you ready for Xbox LIVE Community Games?

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There is lots of news lately! Last week, we announced that The New Xbox Experience will go live globally on November 19, 2008! Xbox LIVE Community Games is a new channel within NXE and will launch in the US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, and Spain at the same time.

We've also just announced that XNA Game Studio 3.0 will be available for download on October 30! This is an exciting time for our creators -- to help everyone make their games the very best they can be we've published our first version of Community Games Best Practices. You'll want to take a good look at this to help put the final spit polish on your game.

If you want your game to be part of all the excitement surrounding the launch of Xbox LIVE Community Games on November 19 you'll want to be ready on October 30 to convert your game to XNA Game Studio 3.0 and start play testing your title. That way your creations will be ready to be bought and played by the millions of Xbox LIVE gamers on day one!

If you've got questions, concerns, opinions, or photos of unicorns you'd like to share the Creators Club forums are waiting for you!


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

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