Microsoft is proud to announce the release of XPS Essentials Pack v 1.0 for 23 languages. You can download the XPS Essentials Pack from: Please select the appropriate language from the options.

 XPSEP is available in

1.     Arabic- Saudi Arabia

2.     Czech- Czekh Republic

3.     Danish- Denmark

4.     German- Germany

5.     Greek- Greece

6.     Spanish- Spain

7.     Finnish- Finland

8.     French- France

9.     Hebrew- Israel

10.  Hungarian- Hungary

11.  Italian- Italy

12.  Japanese- Japan

13.  Korean- Korea

14.  Norwegian Bokmål

15.  Dutch- Netherlands

16.  Polish- Poland

17.  Portuguese- Brazil

18.  Portuguese- Portugal

19.  Russian- Russia

20.  Swedish- Sweden

21.  Turkish- Turkey

22.  Chinese (Simplfied)

23.  Chinese (Traditional)

XPS Essentials Pack gives you the experience of generating and viewing XPS Documents without the need to install .NET Framework 3.0. XPS Essentials Pack requires MSXML 6.0 to generate XPS documents. For the language version of XPS EP you are planning to install, corresponding OS language pack should be already installed in your system. E.g for installing Spanish version of XPS EP, the Spanish language pack for the OS should be installed.

Your continued feedback has been very instrumental in the making of XPS Essentials Pack v 1.0. We thank you for this support and encouragement. Please continue to provide us with feedback to helps us make this product better. As before, you can continue providing your feedback to