My name is Xin.  I joined the Visual Studio Web Development team as SDET in December 2006.  I have worked as software designer in Canada and China for over 10 years before joining Microsoft. 

Why do I choose an entry level position here?  I’ve thought over that a few times myself.  I felt like to learn more about and related technology, while give my contribution to it.  I need a place to start after leaving North America for so many years.  I just grabbed an opportunity and jumped on board.

I will write some of my technical learning on the blog, and maybe some interesting stories inside the team.

And all my writings will be in 2 languages, English and Chinese.  Enjoy.

我的名字是  我在200612月参加了Visual Studio网页开发小组做SDET(测试)  在加入微软我在加拿大和中国作为软件设计师工作了10年。 为什么我这里选择一个初级的位置?  我也想过几次。  我希望学习更多关于ASP.net和相关技术,而同时对它进行我的贡献。 此外,在离开北美洲多年后,我需要一个新的起点。  我选择了这个机会。 我在blog将写我学会的一些技术和在团队里面对一些有趣故事。我将使用2语言,英语和汉语。 祝愉快。