Microsoft hosted internal China Business Day in Redmond Campus on April 6th, 2007.  I spent couple hours listening to the show.  Here are some my person opinions:


1. China Market is still booming quickly and more drastic actions need to be taken by the company.

2. China Internet companies did a fantastic job against the western companies.  Some names like Baidu and QQ are mentioned quite a few times.

3. With millions of developers in China, more training and developer community involvement need to be done to maintain the current lead and gain more supports from the community.


200746日,微软在Redmond校园里主持了内部中国商业日。  我去听了几个小时。  这里是我的一些个人观点:

 1. 中国市场仍然兴旺,需要继续大量投入

2. 中国互联网公司在和西方公司竞争时做到非常好,  一些名字如BaiduQQ经常被提及。

3. 面对上百万的中国开发人员,微软需要为开发人员和社区提供更多的支持和训练,来保持当前的地位,并从社区得到更多的支持。


BTW, the Chinese translation in my blog is first machine translated from Office 2007, then briefly edited by myself.