Some of my project files were created with Orcas Beta, which cannot be opened by double clicking in Vista with VS2008 RTM.


This is a known issue in VS2008, and is probably not going to be fixed.


The work around is very simple.  If you change the second line so that instead of “Codename Orcas” is reads “2008”, the .sln file will open up as expected.

Sln created with Orcas beta 2nd line: #Visual Studio Codename Orcas

Sln created with VS2008 RTM 2nd line: # Visual Studio 2008



我有些解决方案文件是用Orcas Beta生成的,但在Vista下双击这个文件时,VS2008 RTM就打不开。




更正的方法很简单,用文本方式将sln文件打开,将第二行的 “Codename Orcas” 改为 “2008”就行了。

在Orcas Beta 下,Sln 文件第2行: #Visual Studio Codename Orcas

在VS2008下,Sln 文件第2行: # Visual Studio 2008