I recently have to delete one of my blog talking about VS2008 and IE8 beta, since I made some comment that may be easy to misunderstand.  I will be careful this time. J


If IE8 beta1 is installed on the OS, when F5, Ctrl-F5, view in browser is fired for a web page with VS2008 RTM, IE8 beta1 may get popped up, then you will notice VS2008 RTM will freeze for about 30 seconds.  The page loaded on IE8 beta1 is an empty page.  One may have to close it to get the proper page running.  This seems happen for both normal mode and IE7 emulated mode.


There is a workaround, if IE8 beta1 is the preferred way to debug.  Install Microsoft Silverlight Tools Beta 1 for Visual Studio 2008, which contains the fix.  Otherwise, we’ve to wait for the next VS service pack for the fix.


An update note for this on 9-6-2008: IE8 Beta2 is out, and works fine with VS2008 SP1. 


如果系统里安装了IE8Beta1版,当使用VS2008 RTM的F5/Ctrl-F5时,IE8Beta1可能会显现出空的文件,VS2008 RTM也会停止响应30秒钟左右。可能需要关掉出现空文件的IE8Beta1来继续。这在IE8Beta1的正常浏览模式和IE7的模拟浏览模式下都会出现。


解决方法是安装VS2008 SP1。