Here’s the demo of how to write a simple silverlight game:



I played a computer game Monopoly before.  There is a fun balloon shooting game which I’d like to design myself.  The player clicks on the flying balloons and get the marks corresponding to the balloon face value.  Here are some face values, empty value means “+1” to the current score, “+3” means “+3” to the current score, “*5” means multiplying the current score with 5.  Face values, such as “/2”, “-3”,”*0” are certainly bad ones.  Face value “?” is the random chosen face values which can be good or bad.


The current scores should be updated immediately.


There should be a start/stop button.


There should be a level control how many balloons appearing in the background.  The default should be 1.


Updated 10/03/2008: Thanks for the comments.  I uploaded the project file here: