I was so busy last year, that I didn’t put any new post to my own blog (But I did post a few in team’s blog).  I got some time today as my internal email is down. :)

Today, for the first time, I’ve to use kernel debugging to debug an application (not driver or anything, just an application).  Turns out kernel debugging is easier to be setup than I thought.  I followed the direction in http://www.ravichaganti.com/blog/?p=65 to use windbg for hyperV hosted VM.  Since I’m connecting to the virtual machine from a different machine other than the VM host, in windbg, all I need to do is to change \\.\pipe\VirtualCom1 to \\VMHostMachineName\pipe\VirtualCom1 .  And set the debugging VM’s system config:


Also, for the past 3 months, I attended an internal app contest to demo how Microsoft tools can be used to use public map data.  I created http://mapway.cloudapp.net/ .  And uploaded the code to http://mapway.codeplex.com/.  I’ll share my experience and some code samples of writing the application in later blogs.

Happy upcoming Chinese New Year. It’s Tiger Year.  And Winters Olympic 2010 is coming in Vancouver, and World Cup… :)