Give your feedback on Expression Web

Give your feedback on Expression Web

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In order to help everyone get the answers and information they need as quickly as possible, we’ve removed the Email feature from this blog. Instead, please use the following two resources to communicate with the Expression Web team and with the entire community of web designers that are using Expression Web:

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  • The Microsoft Connect Tool has been broken for about 3 weeks now, and has been mentioned several times in the newsgroup for EW, but so far no fix for it.

    The link you posted tells me to go to the Microsoft Connect Website and choose the connection for Expression Web Designer CTP.

    However, that link has been missing ever since Beta1 came out, and there has been no replacement that I can see. Below is what the page says, however the 2nd one does NOT show up as one of the available connections.

    "You will see a page that contains 2 tables of available connections and programs. Scroll down the page until you see the 2nd table of available programs, and then click the Apply link to the right of any of the following:
    Feedback Tool for Expression Graphic Designer
    Feedback tool for Expression Web Designer CTP (missing from list)
    Feedback Tool for Interactive Designer Public CTP"
  • Forgot to paste this in. This is what shows up on that page:

    exFAT 4/25/2006 12/30/2006 Details Apply  
    Feedback Tool for Expression Graphic Designer 1/24/2006   Details Apply  
    Feedback Tool for Interactive Designer Public CTP 1/23/2006   Details Apply  
    Host Integration Server 2006 Public Beta Program
  • Hi Windsun,

    We're receiving feedback every day via the Microsoft Connect tool so it appears to be working for many others, so hopefully this is an isolated issue.  Are you signed into the Connect site when this happens? If not, please sign in first and then look for Expression Web in the list.  If you're signed in and still don't see Expression Web, try clicking My Participation on the left side of the screen in the Microsoft Connect site. If Expression Web doesn't appear in your list of programs you're already participating in (it appears in my own list of participation even though I had signed up before the Beta), please fill out and submit this form
    to continue troubleshoot w/ the folks who run the Connect site. Please keep us informed whether the suggestions we made resolve this or what response you get from the Connect team.

    thanks and good luck!
  • The problem, as I understand it, is that users who had signed up BEFORE Beta1 can access it via a saved or "favorites" link. But it is NOT showing up anywhere on the list of available programs since Sept 6th.

    It USED to be listed with the other two Feedback for Expressions programs, but now it is not there - only the two that I posted in previous comment are listed. Expressions Web is missing from the list, and also not on the dropdown list of all available connections.

    My Participation only shows that I am signed up for VS2005.

    However, I did find this on Google from someone that had saved a copy of the original page:

    "Feedback tool for Expression Web Designer CTP 8/15/2006 " - which indicates that the programs was ended on 8/15. However, the first page it sends you to - "Report a bug", has apparently not been updated and still says to click on that (however, it also says "CTP", not Beta1...)
  • I do not see the Expression Beta under My Participation either.
  • We've reproduced this and are looking into it. We'll reply here and in the forums as soon this is resolved.

    thanks for pursuing this issue!
    Anna - MSFT
  • We think we've resolved the problem. Windsun and spiderwebwoman, please retry and let us know your results.

    thanks again,
    Anna - MSFT
  • That seems to have fixed it, thanks for looking into this - been an issue for a while :)
  • I can now see feedback up through today's date - thanks very much!

  • Follow up - at:  I don't see a listing for Expression Web Beta.
  • spiderwebwoman, did you first enlist in Expression Web under Available Connections?

    Anna - MSFT
  • For the CTP, yes - quite a while ago. I don't see the Beta listed under Available Connections.

  • Do you see Expression Web Designer (no "Beta") in your My Participation list?

    Anna - MSFT
  • No. I have two Expression Web Designer entries for CTP, and one for the Feedback tool - which I just added yesterday, thinking that might solve the problem.
  • Please use the existing Expression Web Designer entries in your participation list to provide feedback.

    Anna - MSFT
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