Give your feedback on Expression Web

Give your feedback on Expression Web

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In order to help everyone get the answers and information they need as quickly as possible, we’ve removed the Email feature from this blog. Instead, please use the following two resources to communicate with the Expression Web team and with the entire community of web designers that are using Expression Web:

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  • Cant find a way to comment via the Connect site

    so, ... that i can't uninstall EWD (so I can try out MSO 2007 beta) is a pain. A working uninstaller is needed.

    That there is a clash among these different pieces of software - I thought .NET would eliminate that?

  • There seems to be a great deal more stability in the expressions web product now.... I did notice today when I was looking at the contents of a directory in a project it does not give the correct file size until after I access the file.  Before that all the unaccessed files show 0kb.

    I am much more comfortable recommending this as a possible replacement to my DOD customer given the improved stability.

    Keep up the good progress.


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