March, 2008

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    Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor for Expression Web


    We're pleased to let you know that Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor for Expression Web is now available for purchase! The add-in works with Expression Web 1, the Expression Web 2 BETA, and will work with the final version of Expression Web 2 when it is released. See our earlier blog post about this add-in for more information about it.

    You can quickly go to the product page for Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor, as well as many other add-ins for Expression Web, by choosing Help > Extending Expression Web:


    The Extending Expression Web command takes you to the Add-ins web page for Expression Web at . ( WebAssist, the company behind Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor, also provides the PayPal eCommerce Toolkit add-in and the Communication Toolkit for Skype add-in for Expression Web. )

    If you're using Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor for Expression Web, join a discussion about it in the new forum for Expression Web at . Or talk to the man himself through his blog at .



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    CSS Sculptor by Eric Meyer for Expression Web 1 and Expression Web 2 BETA


    Banner for Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor 

    We're excited to announce that Eric Meyer ( and, internationally recognized authority on HTML, CSS, and web standards, and author of some of the essential books on CSS (as if you didn't already know all that!), has released a pre-release version of his CSS Sculptor for Expression Web.

    The CSS Sculptor for Expression Web helps you create custom web standards compliant, CSS-based layouts. Finally, you can confidently and resolutely abandon your antiquated table-based layouts and start churning out CSS layouts like nobody's business!

    To work with the CSS Sculptor, close Expression Web (version 1, or version 2 BETA), download the CSS Sculptor installer, and then run the CSS Sculptor installer. Once the installation is done, start Expression Web (either version 1 or version 2 BETA), and you will have two new menu items. On the Insert menu, you will have a new WebAssist submenu, like this (shown in Expression Web 2 BETA):

    Insert menu with WebAssist submenu in Expression Web 2 BETA

    And on the File menu, you will have a new command named New CSS Sculptor Page, like this:

    New CSS Sculptor Page on File menu

    Keep an eye on this blog for another post in which we walk you through using this cool new tool! After you try the tool out, give Eric your feedback directly by commenting on his own blog post about this tool:

    And join in a discussion about the tool, or seek out help or advice, on the new Expression Web forum:
    correction! The new forum for Expression Web is at:

    And as always, let us know what you think!


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    From Comp, to CSS, to Code - view the talk online


    Tyler Simpson, our Principal Test Manager, and Nishant Kothary, Expression Technical Evangelist, presented a lively talk and demonstration of Expression Web 2 at MIX 2008 earlier this week. The recording of the session is already available online: 

    Here's the description from the MIX website:

    Explore key features of Microsoft Expression Web through real-world scenario-based exercises focused around building a great blog template. The topics cover PHP support, Photoshop comp import workflow, CSS features, and more.

    Let us know what you think!

    Oh, and hey, have you had a chance to download the Expression Web 2 Beta yet? You haven't? Get on it then! PHP, AJAX, Custom ASP.NET controls, Photoshop support ...and more, await you here:

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    Expression Web 2 BETA

    Expression Studio 2 BETA program icons

    Building on the successful launch of Microsoft Expression Web and after listening closely to your feedback, we are excited to announce the release of Microsoft Expression Web 2 Beta. This Beta release expands your toolset beyond HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, by putting PHP, Silverlight, and ASP.NET AJAX within your reach.

    Stacked with new features, Expression Web 2 provides essential tools to design standards-based websites. Web professionals can now author websites on the PHP platform more efficiently with features such as PHP syntax highlighting and statement completion (IntelliSense). Additionally for PHP, we provide an elegant solution that current Expression Web users rave about for previewing ASP.NET pages: Expression Web 2 lets you preview PHP pages locally without a separate development web server! Expression Web 2 supports interactive web content such as Silverlight and Flash, enabling you to easily include this content in your sites. Improved workflow enables you to import Adobe Photoshop designs into your sites with layer visibility control, and reimport changes with layer settings retained. New and enhanced productivity features boost your performance!

    Please install the Expression Web 2 Beta, and let us know what you think!

    Note: You can safely install the BETA of Expression Web 2 on a computer that also has Expression Web 1 on it. If you participated in a private preview program for Expression Web 2, you should uninstall the private preview version of Expression Web 2 before you install the BETA version.

    To download and install the Expression Web 2 Beta, click here.

    To submit suggestions and bugs, click here.

    To discuss the Beta with others, go to the NEW discussion forums here.

    To download other Expression BETA 2 programs, click here.

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