November, 2008

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    Expression Web documentation at your online fingertips


    The Help documentation for Expression Web has been available on the MSDN Library website ever since version 2 was released. Now the Help documentation is also available through the Expression community website at

    Expression Web 2 online Help on the Expression community website

    What’s so great about seeing the same ol’ Help that you can launch from within Expression Web but in online form? Well, if you look at the bottom of any topic in the online version of Help you’ll see that you and others can

    • add tags to topics
    • add new content
    • annotate the Help

    community content widgets on the Expression community website

    In addition, at the upper right corner of any topic you can rate a topic and send feedback which goes directly to the writers on the Expression team:

    feedback widget

    So if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Help, or want more information than we’re providing, or maybe you have the answers but the Help isn’t providing them, well then dive in and share your knowledge with the world:


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