SuperPreview for Internet Explorer

SuperPreview for Internet Explorer

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My name is Justin Harrison and I worked with Alex Moskwa to get SuperPreview for Internet Explorer ready for this release. You can find me on Twitter as @JustinHar.

Today we announced public availability of SuperPreview for Internet Explorer. Since this morning a number of frequently asked questions and issues have emerged and now seems like a good time to address them!

 1. I only see Internet Explorer 8 in SuperPreview - I thought SuperPreview includes Internet Explorer 6.

Internet Explorer 6 is not available on Windows 7. This is a known issue that will be addressed in later releases.

2. How do I get Firefox and Safari to show up in SuperPreview?

Expression Web SuperPreview for Internet Explorer only supports Internet Explorer. Expression Web 3 includes SuperPreview with support for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Safari for the Mac will be supported with our cloud service to be made available sometime after Expression Web 3 is released.

3. Is there any more information available about the SuperPreview cloud service?

The cloud service will be made available sometime after Expression Web 3 is released. The cloud service will support Safari for the Mac. At this time we have not announced our plans for other browsers and platforms on the cloud service.

4. Are there any plans to support other browsers such as Opera, Chrome, or Safari for Windows?

At this time we have not announced our plans for supporting for browsers other than Firefox, Safari for the Mac (with our cloud service), and Internet Explorer.

5. The error message "Insufficient memory to continue execution of the program." displays while analyzing a page.

This is a known issue. See the Expression Web Forum for a workaround.

6. SuperPreview for Internet Explorer crashes when I start it.

This is a known issue that has to do with running SuperPreview in VMware Fusion. See the Expression Web Forum for a workaround. 

7. I am encountering a bug or have feedback about SuperPreview.

Click on the bug icon in SuperPreview and follow the on screen instructions to submit a feedback report.

Release Notes

There are a number of documented, known issues in this beta release of Expression Web SuperPreview for Internet Explorer. Known issues are problems that we plan to address in later releases.

  • Filters/Behaviors in Internet Explorer 6 do not work properly. This impacts most IE6 PNG transparency workarounds.
  • SuperPreview does not support sites that require authentication.
  • Mouse over highlight of DOM elements may not work properly.
  • SuperPreview may have trouble analyzing very long pages.

For the complete list, click here.

 The Expression Web team takes customer feedback very seriously. If you have any suggestions for SuperPreview or if you are encountering any issues, please use the feedback button in SuperPreview.

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  • Great product

    How can I use the product with a site that has a user/password entry before you can see any pages?

  • @markmag - Right now we do not support sites that require authentication. This will be addressed in later releases.

  • @markmag - Right now we do not support sites that require authentication. This will be addressed in later releases.

  •   Download  The Expression Web SuperPreview For more information on the  SuperPreview

  • Umm... I thought SuperPreview was free, there is "Trial" in the download name.  Scott says this in his keynote at 34:10.



  • This looked like an enormously useful product, and while I've not previously heard of MSFT's Expression product line, I eagerly downloaded the 250MB install and the 20+MB of .NET no avail.

    The install consistently fails due to some SLDL licensing issue.  Others have posted in the Expression forums on similar issues (search on "80070057", which is the errcode thrown by the installer), but there's been no response.  

    Too bad, I was really looking forward to trying this out.  

  • Hi cbk.alerts....I searched the Expression Web forum for 80070057 and only one thread came up and it wasn't about SuperPreview. But I've read that the search in the forums isn't working.

    We can try to help you out if you can provide the error message that you see and more information about when the error message appears.

    Folks in the forum can be very helpful too:


  • Ein sperriger Name, ein schönes Tool für Webseitenentwickler:   Untereinander: Per Overlay: Bald auch mit Firefox als Vergleichsbrowser! Expression W

  • Received news that my sites CSS driven cascading menus were not working in IE8, so downloaded Expression Web SuperPreview to test CSS menus in previous versions of IE, however all CSS menu functionality seems to be disabled by Expression Web SuperPreview in all versions.

    Used the preview feature to login to the site, unsure if the preview feature is using the chosen version for testing or the version of IE installed on my machine, does anybody know the answer to this?

    Nice DOM explorer though.

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