Solve Expression Web installation problems

Solve Expression Web installation problems

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The team that provides technical support for Expression Web maintains a very helpful blog at, which I’ve just added to our blog roll. Their latest post provides solutions for solving problems with installing Expression Web 2:

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  • I'm trying to install expression web 3 edition on a windows xp sp3 computer bur every time I try to run the installation I get an Exception  has been thrown by the of an invocation. Cannot locate resource 'initialization windows.xaml' error message.

    please help

  • I have downloaded the free version of expression web 4.0 from the MS site. When I try to install it it fails with a message to say it is not a valid Win32 application (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800700C1. I am running Windows 7. Please can you help?

  • I have expression web 4 running at home and have been unable to install at the office.  The install asks whether to fix, reload, etc and none of it works.

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