There is a lot of power to be harnessed in Expression Web.  So many fantastic opportunities and users who amaze us on a daily basis with what they have done using this product.  We have a unique perspective in support, as we usually see the problems people are having with our products.  We learn what people are trying to do, how they are attempting to use our products, where our limitations are, the areas that we, in all honesty, missed the boat on.

We also get to see the phenomenal solutions you’ve created.  We learn new ways to do tasks that we can pass on to other users.  We learn what works for users, and what doesn’t.  We are able to pass these things on to both users and the product teams who use the information to make our products better.

This blog is owned by the Expression Web support team.  There will be a lot of rambling.  We’ll talk about issues we’re seeing over and over, as well as discuss topics that need a little more depth than a KB article.  Pitfalls to look out for, cool tools, add-ins, solutions, and other items that are top of mind.   

We’re eager to get this moving, and would love to hear from you on the type of content you want to see and thoughts about our entries.  Onward to the good stuff!