Here's a great post about blogging and its usefulness in corporations. The quote I wanted to point out:

What did Microsoft do? I don't know if they had it before, but it takes certain organizational cultural values. It's not about process, or rules. In fact, it requires acceptance of uncertainty and ambiguity, tolerance of risk, openness to criticism, and a degree of confidence. These are not things that can be proceduralized, but instead come from how the organization is, uh, organized, and simply the underlying values.

My first month or two at Microsoft I was in a meeting with Steve Ballmer and other VPs. We were talking about blogging, responding on Newsgroups, Forums, etc. The thing I remembered most about the meeting - and what made me so happy to be here was around the discussion of written standards. Steve (and Eric Rudder if I recall correctly) basically ended the conversation with "we hire smart people, let's trust them to be smart about what they do".

Like Gerald says, this comes from the underlying values...