Now that SP2 is out, you can go ahead and download the free ActiveX controls being made available by our friends at DBI. The controls include the following:

  ctTray   Offers developers direct access to the standard Windows System tray for presentation of application icons for example  
  ctDEdit    The perfect masked edit control for date and time entry  
  ctContact    Outlook-style contact list with find and in-line item editing  
  ctToolBar   Full Windows XP styling of the ToolBar and ToolBar menus  
  ctListBar    The only multi-column ListBar control outside of Visio  
  ctDays   A fully modifiable Outlook-style single column DayView control  
  ctDropMenu   A drop-down, pop-up menu control with individual item image and text/sub-text features.  
  ctFrame   Manage an array of components within a single component. ctFrame makes it easy to create boxes, title bars, and container objects with a variety of border effects.