I've been reading the comments here and on some sites about SP2. I wanted to give my point of view about it and ask for a few things from the community.

Milind, Calvin, Aiwen and I have been going thru the reports and trying to reproduce them here on multiple OS' and on SP1 and SP2. We haven't been able to succeed. Tonight I heard from John Koziol that he and some former VFP testers were testing SP2 (on XP) as well and they came to the conclusion that it is stable as well.

So, that leaves us in a bit of a bind. One thing that occurred to me over the weekend is that some folks that are seeing problems may have installed SP2 over the beta - which is not supported and may have left files in a strange state.

So, if you are having issues (let's start with the Vista ones), can you please be sure you installed SP2 over a plain vanilla VFP9?

For instance, on VFP9 SP2 fixed the following bugs reported here on my blog:

  1. The intellisense bug: try to use arrow up/down to select the items show from intellisense got multi-selection
  2. Windows Vista Aero BorderStyle paint bug as Calvin talked in his blog.

We tested both of these in multiple combinations and kept getting correct results.

Oh, and for Bernard Bout's DateTime bug - we think that happened due to another fix for DateTime (kinda like what happened when we fixed the GROUP BY in an earlier version of VFP), but we need more info to repro it. One workaround to please try is to use methods (rather than properties) that return DateTimes.

Feel free to leave comments here if you've reported something, or even better, via Connect.