Many years ago I saw Jill Sobule do a show - and I enjoyed her sense of humor and stage presence. Bought a few of her CDs to check them out. Anyway, was looking around today and found this site. It's called Jill's Next Record! and asks the community at large to help her produce her CD. She offers various things for different levels of support - and keeps a tally on the site (currently at around $26,000). Some of my favorites:

  • $25 - Polished Rock Level: An advance copy of the CD. Weeks before the masses.
  • $50 - Pewter Level: An advance copy and a "Thank You" on the CD.
  • $500 - Gold Level: This is where it gets good! At the end of my CD, I'll do a fun instrumental track where I'll mention your name and maybe rhyme with it. And if you don't want your name used, you can give me a loved one's instead. What a great gift!
  • $750 - Gold Doubloons Level: Exactly like the gold level, but you give me more money.
  • $5,000 — Diamond Level: I will come and do a house concert for you. Invite your friends, serve some drinks, bring me out and I sing. Actually, this level is a smart choice economically. I've played many house concerts where the host has charged his guests and made his money back. I'd go for this if I were you.
  • Heck, for $10,000 you can sing on the CD or play cowbell - your choice. <g> Never too much cowbell...

     Anyway, just a data point for how things are changing in this more connected society.