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February, 2004

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    Anybody know the answer of it?

    Today I found in Options tab. I can set languages/local to Chinese. So I set it. However, when I input Chinese when creating a new post, all the Chinese characters turned to ? in the body after I clicked “post”. But the Chinese character is...
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    The ASP.NET Resource Kit Released

    The ASP.NET Resource Kit The ASP.NET Resource Kit provides a wealth of resources include tools, tutorials and samples to help new developers learn ASP.NET. For developers who use ASP.NET today, the Resource Kit provides over $1000 in free .NET controls...
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    Self Introduction

    My name is Yanhong Huang. I come from Shanghai, China. Now I work as Tech Lead of Microsoft Dev Support team. Currently I am emeritus from VC++/MFC/ATL and migrating to ASP.NET. ;) I like PC games in my leisure time and am quite good at playing Age...
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