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  • Blog Post: Humorous .NET Love Story

    Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I found this humorous .NET love story. J. Michael Palermo gave us a funny letter from a .NET lover. :) I have a managed heap of memories regarding you - none of which are IDisposable. Therefore I am compiling my references, and persisting them to you in this file, which...
  • Blog Post: TechEdBloggers.net goes live!

    TechEdBloggers.net went live today! Check it out: http://TechEdBloggers.net Please spread the word. Ask everyone you know to register their blog at http://techedbloggers.net/SubmitBlog.aspx TechEdBloggers.net will be the place to talk about and to learn about Tech·Ed ’04 hot topics.
  • Blog Post: How is Blog's usage currently?

    If you want to know more on it, please refer to the Pew Internet and American Life Project's latest report, which includes a survey of blog usage: http://www.pewinternet.org/reports/toc.asp?Report=113
  • Blog Post: Self Introduction

    My name is Yanhong Huang. I come from Shanghai, China. Now I work as Tech Lead of Microsoft Dev Support team. Currently I am emeritus from VC++/MFC/ATL and migrating to ASP.NET. ;) I like PC games in my leisure time and am quite good at playing Age of Empires. Glad to be here to make friends with...
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