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  • Blog Post: Effective WinDbg breakpoints using hit counts

    I learned this debugging trick from a colleague a few days ago when we are debugging a bug together and I can’t wait to share it. Conceptually it is really a simple idea but it is very helpful. Let’s say you are debugging a crash. You know the bug is probably in function A but you have no idea how to...
  • Blog Post: Interpreting HRESULTS returned from .NET/CLR: 0x8013XXXX

    What is 0x8013XXXX Occasionally you might run into mysterious HRESULTs returned from .NET that begins with 0x8013, for example, 0x80131522. Unfortunately the error lookup shipped with Visual Studio doesn’t really work on those strange HRESULTs. What are they? It turns out they are in fact, defined by...
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