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Welcome to Young's blog.

Welcome to Young's blog.

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Hello, this is the first time of my blogging. I'm interested in every aspect of the software development and every kind of technology as well. The most attracting technologies are .NET and BizTalk related matters. And I’m also interested in good programming and testing skill. I’m not a god-like person who seems to know every thing. But I’m just enjoying those things, and always trying to be better technical person. I want to share the thoughts, feelings, and experiences with all of you like me during the voyage. It is the very reason that I determine to use English for my blog, even though I’m not fluent in.


  • Good to see you here.

    I hope to hear from you every day. :-)

  • How did you get a blog on weblogs.asp.net? I've been wondering for a while.
  • So great !! Congratulate on opening this blogs and hope to share our valuable knowledge and experiences.
  • I hope your blog be the think tank which knowledge workers in the world can figure out what they are curious about.
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