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  • Blog Post: Who said Visual Studio 2005 can't make coffee

    I thought about it and almost the only thing VS can't do is coffee. So at the .NET on the beach event in Israel ( Pictures ) I took a robot and a coffee machine and wrote a little MSBuild task to make me coffee while VS is compiling.
  • Blog Post: Going to Atlanta

    Soon I'll be on my way to Atlanta to the yearly microsoft conference AKA MGB (this is the one where ballmer sang 'developers developers developers..... ' 35 times). My first time, almost all the new microsofties will be there. So if you want to hang out (I have almost all the 13th free) contact me thru...
  • Blog Post: Just installed Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1

    At last, some timings: 9:12 start 9:18 - end of .net framework install - Reboot 9:22 - Back from reboot (4 min for xp sp2 rc2 - too much) 9:58 - end of vs install -0 Reboot 10:01 - back from reboot (still almost 4 min) 10:03 - everything is finished VSTO is working like a charm - try opening a...
  • Blog Post: Joking on linux

    HERE - a funny flash on linux running on everything...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft granted patent for double-click

    Microsoft granted patent for double-click - what's next? Apple to issue a patent on one click?
  • Blog Post: This is how I look on stage

    From the closing TechEd KeyNote at Israel
  • Blog Post: First post from Longhorn 4074 - WinHec Build and a wish for Reflector

    Just installed the WinHec version and it looks great, much more faster then PDC. A small wish for Reflector 4: What if it could take your coding style from Visual Studio 2005 and apply them when previewing code...
  • Blog Post: The Windows 'Knoppix' like version

    Since this is on a public site I guess I can talk about it, I found WinPE not long ago on one of the servers. WinPE is a bootable cd that loads a small version of WinXP with network support thru command line. I use it for installs, since the build of longhorn does not come as a bootable ISO but rather...
  • Blog Post: WI-FI is the best thing...

    50 Access points made me blog from my room at 1am.
  • Blog Post: Exposing your blog thru rss Is Crucial

    I don't see it, I searched all over the place but David Chappell's new blog doesn't have rss. Am I missing it or everyone that uses Blogger doesn't have it? In his first post from January he talks about the patent behind Attributes. You learn new stuff every day.
  • Blog Post: What does it take to make people not delete their accounts

    I have a stats counter in - "Free Web Tracker & Counter", I got an email about an upgrade they did. I clicked the link and pressed ok after checking a checkbox, a millisecond after clicking I saw that I was deleting my account. A small mail to the webmaster produced this answer...
  • Blog Post: I took the Red Pill today

    After sleeping only 4 hours at night and doing some hard thinking, I took the Red Pill. I signed today at the Microsoft's Israeli branch as a .net Evangelist/Expert... wish me luck, I'll be starting next Wednesday
  • Blog Post: The dullest blog in the world

    just noticed this I was doing some things. After a while I decided to stop doing them and take a short break. At the end of the break I started doing the things again.
  • Blog Post: chris sells, don box, tim ewald, lior rozner and sela - The works

    finally thnx to mickey williams from server geek who was kind enough to host the files and to Brian Desmond who offered help. here is the final post including links to the files.. not long ago lior got married, some weeks before a mail was sent to chris and don asking them to make a suprise for lior...
  • Blog Post: I need help

    hey guys. I really need help in storing don box and chris sells movies.. I promise it will be worth it.. if you don't know what I'm talking about take a look here I need a 35mb storage for 2 files, so If you can help please email/IM me at: yosit [at]
  • Blog Post: howto: make chris sells kiss don box while tim ewald is filming on lior's wedding..... kbXXX - now it works

    concerning my previos post I manged to fix the problem I had with the hosting service (I hope) here is the url for the site containing the movies of don box chris sells and Lior rozner * Update- it's not working, sorry I'll try to fix...
  • Blog Post: update: howto make chris sells kiss don box while tim ewald is filming on lior's wedding. kbXXX

    I had to take the movies down down, I'm working on fixing it if someone can provide me with 40mb of storage I'll upload it again here are some teasers: *update : you can DL the movies HERE
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