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  • Blog Post: Day 3 on Teched 2003 - Israel

    Teched has ended. After all the booze and the party we had some problem with waking up early. Alik Levin was giving a presentation on security and how he implemented it in one of the biggest bank in Israel . Since we work with him and he is so supportive and nice, we woke up and went...
  • Blog Post: Day 2 on Teched 2003 - Israel

    Day 2 at TechEd Israel 2003 Last might someone from Microsoft asked my boss to speak for15 min. about migration to visual studio 2003 So we worked on it all after noon yesterday. I waked my boss at 8:00 am ; he was supposed to speak at: 9:45. We ate breakfast and ran to the hotel where the...
  • Blog Post: Day 1 on MsTeched 2003 - Israel

    I arrived early today, my flight was schedualed to be on 8:00am I was really glad because they were handing out wireless cards , and I knew there won't be enough. I landed at 9:00am registered and went to the communication room just to learn that they will give it at 14:00 coming back at 14...
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