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  • Blog Post: Indigo Avalon and Longhorn on todays Architects user group

    If you live in Israel, you could come and see Guy Ron and I giving our PDC impressions to the architects user group . I just got indigo to work after a few hours of poking. If you are working in a workgroup mode for Longhorn (you are not a part of a domain) you need to tweak the machine.config a bit...
  • Blog Post: Registration site is live for Reporting Services launch!

    Reporting Services was one of the hottest things on the latest PDC (no seats were available 10 min. before the session) Reporting Services launch stakeholders – The registration site for the live web cast launch on January 27, 2004 is now live at !
  • Blog Post: WSV203: Indigo - connected application Technology roadmap

    This is very short, look for the presentation for more details. Com interop with indigo - both parties could use each other. One way will be to export a proxy and indigo will use it and expose a service. Avoid or abstract existing extensibility points. no application state support no...
  • Blog Post: indigo - the future of distributed application

    Don Box is just amazing, hale the xml warrior... 1. The message is the center of things; it will always be available across all indigo versions. Because the message is the center of things 2. Remoting is not going away it will work on longhorn, EnterpriseServices too. 3. asmx is the best solution...
  • Blog Post: half day 2 of pdc - new stuff

    scraps from new stuff in the IDE Avalon - Unified programming model presentation services, web and winform integration. Visual Studio Whidbey my - Typed config files - edited thru a designer, Typed resources. - project properties is edited thru a designer (c# is being discussed...
  • Blog Post: TLS-343 Advanced Debugging in Whidbey

    DataTip - a configurable pop up when hovering over a data member in the debugger, right click will be able to add the field to the watch. Customizing of data display view as text/html/xml instead of a string/number on the watch window. lets say you have a string that have xml inside and you want to see...
  • Blog Post: Indigo Part II by Don Box

    sorry for the mess here, these are scraps I wrote during the Indigo Part II , lot's sessions here I'm currently at the WINFS api Part I.. a new assembly : System.Transaction, Whidbey code will still use the DTC, longhorn will use new bits and employ DTC only when necessary. Enterprise Services will...
  • Blog Post: PDC- Arrived , first session with don box

    just arrived to the pdc, new bag lots of discs and offcourse don box ... more later
  • Blog Post: PDC stuff

    I added a new Category PDC2003 - which means - I intend to be at the next one too. Registered for a pre-con session : .NET - The XML and Web Services Perspective NET – The XML and Web Services Perspective This session will introduce you to the basics of XML. Additionally, it will provide...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio "Whidbey" Details Emerge

    just got it:
  • Blog Post: Going to the PDC - part II

    just got the confirmation for the PDC. If someone would like to meet overthere, ping me.
  • Blog Post: Going to the PDC

    I just got a confirmation from the board of directors (my wife) for the PDC, so I'm closing all the details now, I have to get a flight for the uk, where Microsoft is hiring a Boeing especially for the PDC, more details to come....
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