Visual Basic team is hosting a series of "Live From Redmond" webcasts on Visual Studio "Orcas" and I gave one on LINQ to SQL and the O/R Designer a couple of days ago.  Thanks to all who tuned in.

I covered following topics in my webcast:

  • Mapping database objects to .NET objects via attributes
  • Using the O/R Designer to visually create mapping between database objects and .NET objects
  • Writing LINQ to SQL queries
    • Basic LINQ to SQL queries
    • Relationship navigation
    • Join / Group Join
    • Deferred Execution
    • Identity Mapping
  • Data binding with LINQ to SQL
  • Updating data via LINQ to SQL
  • Stored procedures
    • Using stored procedures to override default runtime Insert, Update and Deleve behavior
    • Using stored procedures to retrieve result-set mapped to existing types

You can watch this webcast on-demand by visiting following Microsoft Events page.  Also, a link to my slide deck below.