My second webcast which was a part of the webcast series done by Visual Basic Team called "Live From Redmond" webcasts on Visual Studio "Orcas" was on building N-Tier application using Visual Studio "Orcas".  I gave this webcast a couple of weeks ago and it wasn't until today that on-demand version became available.  Sorry to those who have been waiting for the on-demand link and a copy of my slide.

During this webcast, I described new "Orcas" data features at high-level and built a simple multi-tiered application as a demonstration.  Specific topics that I covered include:

  • Hierarchical Update Support in Typed Dataset
    • TableAdapterManager class and TableAdapterManager.UpdateAll() method
  • N-Tier Support in Typed Dataset
    • Dataset Designer support to make Typed Dataset N-Tier friendly
    • How to add custom validation logic to Typed Dataset and apply them through multiple tiers
  • WCF
    • How to create and consume basic WCF service
  • LINQ to Typed Dataset

You can watch this webcast on-demand by visiting following Microsoft Events page.  Also, a link to my slide deck below.