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I am a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) in the Windows Sound Team. If you don't know what Windows Sound Team is, then think of it as the Windows Audio Team. We own user mode and kernel mode audio platforms and drivers that together delivers the audio experience in Windows. When I say "own", I don't mean that all these components are ours. It's a Microsoft term that indicates responsibility. The audio experience on Windows platform is together delivered by many partners internally and externally. But eventually when it comes to audio, most likely it involves the work my team does. I have debated with my colleagues on whether our team is a platform team or a driver team, and we are both. We are in a rare team that owns a very vertical stack.

I have been practically working in the same team since I joined the company in July 2005, after my MSEE in Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. I researched in the area of Symbolic Execution of Software. I define my career as a Software Engineer who happens to work on audio features in Windows. I enjoy software development, but I also like to think about project management. I have my opinion about what are the right and wrong things to do both in software and in process, but it occurs to me that my thinking changes with time, for good or for bad. I will write what I think in this blog, but I have no guarantee that what I think is actually right. I guess that's in the definition of blogs.

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    SDET and SDE

    Just chatting with a SDE about hiring someone from the SDET organization. Two comments I found interesting: Some (more senior) SDE positions are not good fit for SDET to transition to. There is a mindset shift between writing test code and product...
  • Yuk Lai Suen's Blog

    Dual language VCD: how can I mute the Mandarin channel?

    I just got this question again. In XP, the steps to mute one of the channels in the OS was very few. The Left/Right balance slider is simply a click away from the volume icon (if I remember correctly). But in Vista, that control is more steps away...
  • Yuk Lai Suen's Blog

    MBA: Master of Bug Administration

    Bug management is like any management, it's half science and half art. I don't know how many people actually explored this field specifically and professionally, but I don't think many engineers do it exceptionally well, myself included. Some of my friends...
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    My biggest fear: tests pass

    The questions are usually: "Your test is failing . Can you take a look?"; the questions are never: "Your test is passing . Can you take a look?" There appears to be a misconception that "A good test is one that passes" or "Tests should pass". A few...
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    Manual Testing

    I'm a software development engineer, I like to write code. I remember when I got the job offer for Microsoft I told Professor Khurshid, my Master's degree supervisor, that "I will just go and automate things in a couple months then enjoy the free pay...
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