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  • Blog Post: Orcas Feature: Test-Level Validation Rule

    In VSTS 2005, users can only add request-level validation rules from Web Test Editor; while in Orcas, Web Tests have a new collection of test-level validation rules. These rules will fire on every request in the test and are a shortcut for adding the same rule to every request. By default, rules will...
  • Blog Post: Orcas Beta Feature: Recorded Response URL and Validate Response URL Rule

    Recorded Response URL is a new Web Test Request property that captures the final URL for a request after following all redirects. The Web test recorder automatically populates this field with the appropriate value. Query string parameters are ignored in the URL. If you modify the URL of a request or...
  • Blog Post: Orcas Feature: Expected HTTP Status Code

    Expected HTTP Status Code is a new Web test request property that specifies the numeric HTTP status code that indicates success for the request. The value can be set on top level requests and explicitly added dependent requests. The primary purpose of the property is to ignore certain failures on dependent...
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