World of Warcraft Install on Vista

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World of Warcraft Install on Vista

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Okay, so I bit the bullet and installed WOW on Vista last night.  I am going to install the patches tonight and see how it works.  If anyone has had issues, lemme know.  BTW, feel free to catch up with me on Eredar (70 NE Priest -- SQLVarChar).  I don't play as often as I used to but still try to get in  a couple of instance runs on weekends.


  • I set in the disk in the computer and wait for some progress (Like it would automatically start asking if you want to install it) but it doesn't, I can see it loads it for a few seconds but then it stops :/ And then I saw that the first WoW works with Win 98/ME/2000 and XP but not Vista, so should I just install the burning crusade?

  • sounds like AutoRun may not be working.  you may need to run the setup from the disk directly.  just right-click on the drive and choose Open then find setup.exe then double-click it and you should be good to go.

  • i have problem to install wow on vista...its says Unrecognized key "options". (AttributeParser::Parse)...whats wrong

  • Damn!!! I am usng WinXP and i got the rename error at 99% !!! :D can u help

  • The Unrecognized Key error is one I have only seen when playing WoW over Linux/Wine.  Check out for info but I haven't seen this on Vista before.

  • Another one I haven't heard of happening on a non-Vista OS.  I would suggest the WoW boards for the more funky issues:

  • I had the same prob and fixed it by doing 2 things. First I did what was mentioned above, turned off the user account control. This did not work alone. I also had to put the vista CD back into the DVD drive and "Update" my windows installation, even though I just installed it yesterday. After the "update" which took about an hour, I was able to install wow fine. I did have to manually install the patches by right clicking and choosing "run as administrator" which is just stupid.

    Hope this helps others.

  • Sweet!  Thanks for the update Pabstt.  :)

    It can be a little funky sometimes getting WOW on around all the security stuff on vista.  I am most likely going to take a shot at installing it on a vista 64 quad core w/ 4gb in the very near future so will keep everyone up to speed on how that experience goes.

  • none of the solutions above worked!!!!!!!!!! can anyone help?

  • You have to install it as a admin but also under the user

  • Guys just wanted to shoot an update to this thread.  I recenty purchased a new HP machine with the following specs:


    Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66GHz

    4GB RAM

    1TB 7k SATA Drive


    Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit w/SP1

    OneCare virus protection

    WoW client from the main WoW site

    BC client upgrade form the main WoW site

    All patches to-date from main WoW site

    I fully expected some issues.  I mean we are talking about 64-bit Vista for running WoW, right?  The results:  zero issues.  None.  Nada.  I was actually pretty boring.  No wierdness except for the Blizz download server going VERY slow.  No admin rights issues.  

    In short, although your mileage may vary, I took an off-the-shelf system and successfully installed WoW with no issues on 64-bit Vista.

    Just thought I would share that experience since I had promised I would in an earlier post.  Hit me with your questions if you have them :)

  • hey im trying to download world of warcraft it has 6 disks but when i get to the third disk it says error for some reason i can give you more detain if you need please help email is

  • try to install it in safe mode with networking. its worked for some people that way

  • I have to aggree with zainnab. I just completed assembling my new PC and installed Vista Home Premium 64B with SP1

    Asus Rampage Formula X48 chipset

    Intel Core 2 Duo E8500

    8GB (4x 2GB) Corsair Dominator DDR2 1066Mhz

    2x 750GB Samsung Spinpoint F1 7200RPM 32MB cache

    Asus 9800GX2 - TOP version

    I installed Vista 64B and drivers without ANY problem. After that I decided to give WoW a go by installing it. Many forums reported it was best not to install the game but do a copy to the x86 folder of the entire WoW folder. Thats why I decided to check it out myself. I ran into no problems at all. It installed perfect, the patches downloaded in the beginning realy slow but after a while they were fast (had same prob with windows XP in that matter).

    I went to Nagrand with all settings to maximum with a resolution of 1680x1050 on my 20" NEC Multisync 20WGX² Pro.

    While flying I had 101 FPS and 29ms

    When standing still I had 143 FPS and 31ms

    I guess the problems some of you are experiencing are settings or system dependant. I know it's not fun to hear but Windows Vista is designed for a more updated system. In paticular the amount of memory is realy important. n my opinion I would gofor it with less then 4GB of mem.


  • I had the same problem --> at 98% can't rename data.temp to data. I disabled kaspersky internet security and the problem was solved.

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