World of Warcraft Install on Vista

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World of Warcraft Install on Vista

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Okay, so I bit the bullet and installed WOW on Vista last night.  I am going to install the patches tonight and see how it works.  If anyone has had issues, lemme know.  BTW, feel free to catch up with me on Eredar (70 NE Priest -- SQLVarChar).  I don't play as often as I used to but still try to get in  a couple of instance runs on weekends.


  • wow now that never occured to me, thanks for the info Lonestarr

  • I had the same problem. how I solved it was to give "Everyone" full permissions on the .temp directy the installer created.

  • i currently have wow on my pc yet decided to give the vista laptop a go

    Im a noob when it comes to processors and knowledge of ram so i looked atg this site and after 2 goes of trying i decided to run as admin

    Wish me the best lol

    3rd try is on the way

  • good luck and let us know how it goes :)

  • He i also tride al this but it didnt work.But found a athor why and it workt


  • paultje: Thanks! That worked perfectly! :D

  • i just baught a new computer that has vista and im trying to install WoW but eveytime i put the disc in nothing happens wat do i do?

    email me at

  • i am trying to install wow in vista i download the patches and then it get stuck on waiting for files to close

    help anyone

  • So after spending 12 hours downloading the client, the box simply closes and nothing happens...It is normally supposed to install itself. I also cannot find the directory where it was downloaded to, a search yields nothing. Yet the space on my HD is gone. Tight.

  • I had the problem with the 98% unable to install thing. All you have to do is put in in a different location and the best part is it doesnt take as long as before.

  • Im one of the fun but most people says window vista is not capable of installing of warcraft 3 specially in dota version.could somebody tell me what is the real fact about installing of this before I change my OS into XP.\

  • I poked around and the consensus seems to be that it runs on Vista with no problem.  Check out this link for some info.

  • Quote:

    Friday, February 08, 2008 2:32 PM by zainnab

    # re: World of Warcraft Install on Vista

    You know, when I first started working with Vista I was like "This OS sucks" then I came to a realization:  It's not the OS, it's the drivers/vendors who aren't catching up to the OS.  

    I am reminded of the early days using Win95 and the whole 16 to 32 bit "experience".  It's the same story only this time the hang up is security.

    By all accounts that I have seen so far (many of them press that are far from friendly to MS) Vista is THE most secure OS around.  Sadly, the price for security is less ease of use in some cases.  Video drivers, etc.. being the most notable example.  Until the drivers catch up to the OS we will continue to have problems but I see that many vendors are starting to catch up so hopefully we will not have to wait too long.

    Check out for more on the security thing. :)

    You have got to be kidding me. Do you know how fast Vista was hacked before it was even out on release? Get osX

  • Clark :)

    This is the "no bullshit" blog so if you want to make attacks then you need to back it up.

    I have proof of what I say do you have anything better than "Get osx"?

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