World of Warcraft Install on Vista

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World of Warcraft Install on Vista

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Okay, so I bit the bullet and installed WOW on Vista last night.  I am going to install the patches tonight and see how it works.  If anyone has had issues, lemme know.  BTW, feel free to catch up with me on Eredar (70 NE Priest -- SQLVarChar).  I don't play as often as I used to but still try to get in  a couple of instance runs on weekends.


  • That "Failure to Read from the Internet," bit is still hanging in there with the installer.

    Running as an Administrator, AND running it in Safe Mode does NOTHING to solve the problem.

    I know someone had to come up with a solution by now.   With no firewall running, safemode, administrator permissions, this darn thing should be downloading with ease!

  • When i finish downloading the whole game and patches and i open it to play it, the whole game is messed up. boxes for me to click on dont show up, the boxes to check off (remember my account name) doesnt show up and the format is just screwed and then i cant even play it because i cant do anything. ive tried installing and uninstalling it 4 times. can anyone help?

  • About The file "C:\games\World of Warcraft.temp\Data.temp" could not be renamed to "C:\games\World of Warcraft.temp\Data". (ConflictManager::ResolveConflicts/1)


    The way I got round it was to disable the anti virus and that worked fine. I'm the admin so there were no issues in permission, it was just the anti virus.

    thanks for all your help

  • i have a strange problem i downloaded wow and when i put in my username and password and hit enter Authenticating popped up and the password thing went blank! is that normal?

  • Every time! i cant take it 3 times today i tried to download WoW and it crashes at 98% i cant find the administrator setting can i get some help!

  • Hey Hunter,

    I'm on Windows 7 now and haven't really had any problems with WOW installs since but if you are still on Vista you should be able to right-click the install program and choose "Run as Administrator".  See if that does it.  Beyond that, you might want to hit the WOW forums and see if they have a solution.

  • turn off windows security if nothing else works. just right click the icon on the bottom right and exit

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