Here is the list of webcasts that I am doing or have done, enjoy!

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Here is the list of webcasts that I am doing or have done, enjoy!

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Regular Expressions Series

 In this webcast series, we explore an unsung hero: the regular expression. It slices, it dices, and it can turn twenty lines of code into one line if you know how to use it. Join us as we explore pattern matching and substitution using regular expressions. Also, see how you can use regular expressions in the Microsoft .NET Framework applications with some examples in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and JScript.


Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5:  New Things

 Join me as we explore the new classes in the Framework and discover some of the hidden delights of Visual Studio 2008. We will focus on mostly new features with some old favorites thrown in for good measure. Check out this series if you ever wanted to learn more about how Visual Studio really works. 


Design Pattern Series

Wondering just what design patterns are?  Ever wondered why people say they are so cool?  In this series we take a look at patterns and why you should care.  Many people don't use patterns because they don't fully understand them...come and learn with us so you can show off your patterns in public.

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