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What an Application Shouldn't Be...

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I live in Dallas and use the glorious tollway system.  I needed to get info about my toll usage so decided to hit the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) website.  Wow.  I honestly didn't know what the app was written in until I looked closer (thank goodness it's on a compete platform) but know it is probably one of the worst examples of an application I have seen.  It looks nice but performance is a total dog and it keeps bouncing me out when I try to generate reports.  Nice.  If you want to see this example of what shouldn't be done then visit http://www.ntta.org/ and see for yourself how interesting this thing is.


  • lol, That site is very difficult!

    But the GBTP is nice!

  • heh yeah I agree, I would have loved to be in on the first live demo of this albatross

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