Ever Give Your Dog Mouth-To-Mouth?

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Ever Give Your Dog Mouth-To-Mouth?

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Well!  I had an interesting night.  As many of probably know by now we have four dogs at my house:  Max (Basenji), Fibi (Jack Russell Terrier), Lily aka Piggy (we think she is a Pit Bull mix), and Zorro (Blue Tick mix).  With four dogs you are always breaking up little fights between them at one time or another.  Not sure if it is just our dogs or this is a normal thing. 


Last night my dogs were in the backyard and I heard a little skirmish start.  I did my usual yell to tell them to cut it out but this time Zorro kept making a funny noise like he was hurt.  It didn't sound good at all.  I went out side and found Max and Zorro attacking Lilly.  Normally Lilly can handle herself no problem but she didn't seem to be fighting and it looked like Zorro had her around the neck. 


As I approached and got Zorro to hold still I discovered that he had managed to get his lower jaw stuck in Lilly's collar.  As I looked closer I found I was having a hard time getting Zorro lose so I brought them closer into the light near our porch.  That is when I realized there was a bad problem.  Zorro was really stuck and there was blood all over Lilly. 


I called for my wife to come down and give me some help and she began looking for a flashlight to get a better idea of what we were dealing with.  Right after she left, I noticed that Lilly had a funny look and realized she was choking--things were much worse than I thought.  OMG.  I almost freaked but held it together and called for my wife to bring me a knife (screw the collar, ill buy a new one).  It was close but I managed to cut the collar off w/o cutting Zorro or Lilly.  As soon as I cut them lose, I grabbed Lilly who had turned purple and had stopped breathing.


I didn't know you could give a dog mouth-to-mouth but my wife (freaking out) managed to say "give her mouth-to-mouth".  Now, I have to admit, giving my dog mouth-to-mouth was not appealing to me but when you are faced with a purple dog you tend to not give a crap.  I directed her to start the car so we could take Lilly to the emergency room and gave the the dog mouth-to-mouth. 


It worked!  I never, EVER would have thought you could resuscitate a dog that way but she started breathing slowly and we rushed her  to the emergency room.  By the time we got to the emergency room, she had completely restored breathing and was just a regular dog.  So there we were in our pajamas with a perfectly healthy dog just wagging it's tail and having a good time.  About 30 minutes and 95 dollars later we were on our way home and now we are looking for a new (hopefully safer) collar for Lilly. :P

  • Well!  I had an interesting night.  As many of probably know by now we have four dogs at my

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  • Wow.  Bravo for both of you being cool under pressure.  I probably would have run around in circles wondering what to do until it was too late.

  • Glad to hear this had a happy ending.

    A lot of people recommend taking collars off when dogs are home. I've heard a lot stories like yours where dogs have gotten locked together.

    One day, I couldn't find one of my goldens. We were home, but she wasn't lying underfoot as usual. After searching the house twice, panic started to set in. On the third search, I actually looked *IN* the shower stall. There she was lying in the stall. She was exploring and the tags on her collar got caught in the shower door tracks. She must have pulled pretty hard because the tags were bent (she weighted 100lbs), but finally gave up. Fortunately she was able to lay there somewhat conforable. But if we had been at work, she might have been there 8 hrs.

  • Thanks for the props Mike! :)  I was freaking but just knew I had to save her.  She is lucky that way though as when we found her as a stray she had parvo and survived that as well.

    Jim -- wow lucky it didn't choke her!  My fear is that the dogs will dig/get out while at home and without the collars they will just never be returned even though they are "chipped".  

    Does anyone happen know of a viable alternative to collars?

  • Wow!  That is CRAAZY.  We have three dogs and I can't imagine dealing with that.  When the emergency hits, people tend to just go into reaction mode and do what needs to be done.

    Good to hear things came out ok in the end.

  • Great that you were able to save your dog! It really seems that CPR works on all kinds of mammals including (baby) tigers:


  • Your Lily looks just like my Rex.  Rex is 5 and was adopted from the Ozaukee Humane Society in Port Washington, Wi.  Any chance this is his sister?

  • Hey Sandee :)

    I found Lilly on my street here in Mansfield, Texas so they are probably not related but you never know with strays.

  • my dog looks JUST like the white one. what kind is she? do you have an email I can send you pix? I'm not kidding they look like twins.

  • Hey Avalon :)

    You can send me pic of your dog to zainnab@microsoft.com


  • My girl Cal looks just like Lily as well. And we also call her piggy, even tho her name is Calla. Lol. Would love to know her breed. The shelter said she's a small terrier breed mixed with an American pitbull terrier.

  • the picture of lily looks alot like my dog carmel, he is an american pit bull terrier  look up these breeds

  • Thanks don :)

    I'll look it up.  When I lived in apartments I got used to calling her a "beagle mix" do people wouldn't freak out about her being a pit of some kind.


  • Did you happen to lose the dog pictured? I have a stray that looks identical!

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