Zoom in or out of text in the Editor using the mouse wheel

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Zoom in or out of text in the Editor using the mouse wheel

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Keyboard:  CTRL + Mouse Wheel
Command:  View.ZoomIn
Versions:  2010
Published:  1/7/2010
Code:  vstipEdit0002



There is a great new feature in the editor that allows you to instantly change the zoom factor of text.  Just hold down your CTRL key and use the wheel on your mouse to zoom in or out. 

  • It is annoying for me, how to disable it?

  • There is an extension for disabling this feature that can be found at:



  • Hardly a great feature.

    I'm fighting constantly in VS and other products with it. Shame that this only applies to VS (OneNote? IE? Word?).

    Sure, someone at MS thinks this is a "great feature", but for many of us it is a royal PITA. Just Bing on "how to disable control scroll wheel"

    It's not that great and not that well liked.

  • I seriously can't comprehend a spot where you'd need to zoom in on *text*. You set the default font size that you can actually read, why you would need to zoom in and out afterwards is beyond me.

  • to disable it select alt and then scroll

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