Insert Documents to the Right of Existing Tabs

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Insert Documents to the Right of Existing Tabs

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Menu:  Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Documents
Versions:  2010
Published:  2/10/2010
Code:  vstipEnv0001


Now, by popular demand, Visual Studio 2010 comes with the option to put newly opened documents in the File Channel to the RIGHT of existing tabs.  This has been a long requested feature and it is finally here!


Just go to Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Documents and select the "Insert documents to the right of existing tabs" option.




You should now see any tabs you open pop up the RIGHT of all the other tabs:


  • This feature is not blatently obvious.  A screenshot of what I'm supposed to see after I check the box would helpful.


  • IMHO, this option should really be made enabled by default (couldn't tell from the screenshot if it is or not). Thanks.

  • @aaron -- I put an "after" shot in there, good call

    @sergey -- some ppl like it to the left and others to the right so not really sure it should be the default but I like to have the choice :)


  • I'm glad to see this has finally been made an option!

    I absolutely *hated* it when it got arbitrarily changed from "to the right" (which was the original default, back in an earlier version of VS) to "to the left" (without a way of changing it back again for those who didn't like it).

    When I complained about it I was told that it was a 50/50 thing, that half developers wanted it the new way & the other half wanted it the old way.

    Back then I wondered to myself why on earth it was just changed "out of the blue" like that in the first place, & wasn't made an option from the get go, or at least when it got changed.

    Nice to see it's FINALLY been done right.


  • I am so glad there is a way to disable this feature.  I could not figure out why when I would close a tab all of my tabs would re-order themselves, and nothing would be where I had placed it.  Now with this checkbox unchecked everything works exactly as I would expect it to.  Not sure why anyone would want the tabs to work the other way, but as long as there is a way to turn it off I can't complain.

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