Search for Project Templates in the New Project Dialog

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Search for Project Templates in the New Project Dialog

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Keyboard:  CTRL + E (when you are inside the New Project Dialog)
Versions:  2010
Published:  2/12/2010
Code:  vstipProj0001


Did you know you can search for templates in the New Project dialog now?  It's true!  Look in the upper-right corner of the dialog and you will see the new search area.  Click in there or press CTRL + E and type the word "web" into it, this is what you get:



Now there is good news and bad news here. 

Good news:  The search will populate the middle pane with results from the recent, installed, or online list, depending on which category is selected.

Bad news:  It doesn't automatically filter by the language you are in when you choose "Installed Templates" and doesn't support any advanced search options (boolean search, regex, etc.).


More Good News:

You can easily rectify the problem of not filtering my language if you simply type in your language of choice (C#, VB, F#, C++):


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