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Code Definition Window

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Keyboard:  CTRL + \, D
Menu:  View -> Code Definition Window
Command:  View.CodeDefinitionWindow
Versions:  2008,2010
Published:  2/25/2010
Code:  vstipTool0012


Ever want to just click on a reference and see the definition as you go?  Well it's time to get reintroduced to the Code Definition Window.  Just go to View -> Code Definition Window and you will get this:



Now click on anything you would like to get a definition for and you should get something like this:


The Code Definition Window provides you with an instant, read-only view of your definition.


NOTE:  The Code Definition window is not supported for Visual Basic applications.

  • Holy Crap, that is useful. I have been using Bookmarks and "Go To Definition".  Thanks Zain.

  • Not available for VB.NET... grr...

    Would be useful, however.

  • DOH!  I forgot to mention that.  Updated the post to warn folks thanks Tom.

  • i think you r right

  • I have a custom theme (Ragnarok), so my code definition window looks pretty bad!  It is mostly unreadable because the background and text are both light colors :(

  • "instant" is being a bit generous, to say the least.

    Usually it seems to respond if and when it feels like it... it would be nice if it was actually instant.

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