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Setting Bookmarks

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Keyboard:  CTRL + K, CTRL + K (toggle bookmark)
Menu:  Edit -> Bookmarks -> Toggle Bookmark
Command:  Edit.ToggleBookmark
Versions:  2008,2010
Published:  7/5/2010
Code:  vstipTool0047


Bookmarks are a pretty cool feature that a lot of people don't seem to know about.  Essentially, Bookmarks are a way to mark locations in your code.  Unlike tokens ("TODO's"), Bookmarks are not stored with the source code.  There are numerous ways to set a Bookmark.  The simplest way is to use CTRL + K, CTRL + K to create a single Bookmark:



When you set a Bookmark it will create a glyph in the Margin and create an entry in the Bookmarks Window:



The good news is you don't have to keep the default name that is given for the Bookmark.  Just RIGHT CLICK the entry in the window and choose "Rename":



Then put in whatever you want for the name and you are good to go:



You can continue to use this method or the menu to create Bookmarks.  Another cool way to create Bookmarks is to use the "Bookmark All" (bottom right) button in the Quick Find dialog (CTRL + F):


  • "Bookmarks are pretty cool", ....well they are ok.

    If you work in a team, they don't always work perfectly....

    For example, if a team member has their Project folder on the C drive and another team member has their Project folder on a D drive, then bookmarks will have issues. Bookmark not found.

    Look at your Image at "When you set a Bookmark it will create a glyph in the Margin and create an entry in the Bookmarks Window"  your location is C:\WindowsAzure

    Now.. what if you want to work on another system say at home, or clients etc...

    Anyone have a suggestion or workaround ?

    BTW I still use them.

    Have a great day :)

  • Since Bookmarks aren't stored with the source the general consensus is to not use them for team activites but rather use comment tokens ("TODO"'s) instead.  


  • In my Visual Studio 2008, I have bookmark options on the text editor, but no bookmarks menu available.

  • Are you saying that you don't see the Bookmarks submenu off the Edit Menu?

  • i m nt able to  set bookmarks using edit-> bookmarks.......

    giv me another option plz..nt even ctrl+k is working in ma visual studion 2008

  • I am using Visual Studio 2010 Express, I am not able to bookmark through menu or no option is available in Toolbar.. though Ctrl+K,Ctrl+K is working, am not able to move from one bookmark to another..  Please give the key shortcut for that..

  • Ctrl+K,N  and Ctrl+K,P  are shortcuts for moving to next and previous bookmarks.. Thanks..

  • not able to bookmark through menu or no option is available in Toolbar....

    you need to change

    tools  >settings > basic settings X


    tools > settings > expert settings X

    then you will be able to see the bookmarks menus and toolbar

  • Another cool tip would be suggestions on how to replace the glyph used for bookmarks with something that stands out a little more.  Is there an image file that can be replaced?

  • Hey Les :)

    Sadly no.  There currently is no way I am aware of to replace the glyph for bookmarks.


  • Numbered bookmarks would be really nice, e.g., Ctrl-K,Ctrl-K,1 then go back to that one with Ctrl-K,Ctrl-N,1.  Easy for 0..9.

    Not as easy as the single keystroke solution Embarcadero offers but still nice.

  • Rhys,

    Yeah I would definitely like to see more work done on the usability of bookmarks.  I think they offer much more than people realize and can be a powerful piece of the experience.


  • Are bookmarks supposed to save on close (or in any other fashion)?

    I've tried using bookmarks, but every time I restart VS(2008), the bookmark window is empty again. I'd love to use them systematically, but without saving, they're utterly useless :/.

  • Why don't you just use relative paths for the bookmarked code? It could be relative to the .sln file, so everyone could use it, no matter if you have your code on drive C:\ or D:\ or whereever.

  • Hey Michael,

    I honestly don't know why relative paths aren't used. It makes sense to use them (or at least have an option to use them).


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