Debugger Canvas and Code Bubbles

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Debugger Canvas and Code Bubbles

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My good friend, Clint Edmonson, sent me a link to an article about the Debugger Canvas recently (  It’s an add-in for Visual Studio that is our version of Code Bubbles.  I actually read about this idea last year and really, really liked the concept.  For those more academically oriented here is a link to the paper introducing the idea entitled “Code Bubbles: Rethinking the User Interface Paradigm of Integrated Development Environments”:


I think the idea absolutely has merit.  But that begs the question:  WHAT exactly IS the idea?  This video will tell you everything you need to know about the most awesome Debugger Canvas:

  • Padding error line 1 position 520 when viewed in IDE.

  • Hey Bob :)

    That's a problem with the old Tips and Tricks extension.  I'll most likely get a new one done but, for now, I won't be supporting the old one going forward.  Uninstall it and I will make an announcement when a new one is available.


  • I kinda liked it for a second, but you don't get the same inspection intellisense when hovering over variables and such while debugging.  You have to specifically do a quickwatch to get that info.  No likes.

  • Yeah I agree Will there are defintiely some missing pieces.  My understanding is this is pre-pre-pre-Beta and I suspect they are going to implement more features into it to bring it on par with the current experience eventually.


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