Turn Off the Uppercase Menu in Visual Studio 2012

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Turn Off the Uppercase Menu in Visual Studio 2012

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I’ve been seeing a ton of posts lately on this feature so thought I would share here as well.  I also like to give credit where credit is due so I did a search and it looks like the earliest mention of this ability is by Richard Banks in his post 6\1\2012 here:  http://www.richard-banks.org/2012/06/how-to-prevent-visual-studio-2012-all.html  If anyone knows of an earlier one done by someone else let me know but this looks like the first mention of it.  If I were a betting man I would say he most likely used Process Explorer to make this discovery which is my favorite tool for finding things like this.



Mixed Case is Your Friend

Okay so you really, really don’t like the Uppercase menu in VS2012 because you feel like it is shouting at you:




You would rather go back to mixed case for your menu:





Not a problem! Let’s see how:

WARNING:  Making changes to the registry can cause unexpected results so do any changes at your own risk!


Manual Registry Change

Open the registry editor and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\11.0\General\
(For Windows 8 Desktop Express go to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\WDExpress\11.0\General) //special thanks to msm8bball for the update
(For Web Express go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VSWDExpress\11.0\General)

  1. Create a new DWORD value called SuppressUppercaseConversion set to 1
  2. Restart Visual Studio and you should see the change

NOTE: Watch your spelling if you are typing this manually.



PowerShell Goodness

If you like to “simplify” this a bit you can use PowerShell to run a nice script to make this happen.  However, if you haven’t used PowerShell before this may not be faster for you.

  1. Go to the Start button and type powershell and select the Windows PowerShell Entry:
  2. In the PowerShell window copy the script below and paste it in then press Enter:
    Set-ItemProperty -Path HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\11.0\General -Name SuppressUppercaseConversion -Type DWord -Value 1

  3. Restart Visual Studio and enjoy!
  • Perfect. Thank you.

  • The correct location for Visual Studio 2012 Windows Desktop Express is...


  • Hey Msm8bball :)

    Is that confirmed? I don't use the express products ever so have no clue. If that is confirmed then I will change it in the post.


  • Is there a way (registry setting) to do this for 'All Users' rather than just the 'Current User' ?

  • Thanks a lot, the very first thing I did after installing VS 2012. Can't believe someone suggested doing this in the first place...

  • This tip works for Visual Studio 2013 Preview as well, simply change the 11.0 to 12.0.  Like this:

    Set-ItemProperty -Path HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0\General -Name SuppressUppercaseConversion -Type DWord -Value 1

  • Thanks Joshua :)

    I did an updated post for VS2013 here blogs.msdn.com/.../visual-studio-2013-turn-off-the-uppercase-menu.aspx but all you really have to do is increment the number by 1 in the reg hack so:

    VS2012 = 11

    VS2013 = 12

    VS2014 = 13

    VS2015 = 14

    and so on...

    Unless we mess with the version numbers this should be fairly consistent for a while.


  • I would really like to know if "ALL CAPS" was marketing's idea of a useful feature or if someone actually did some research that indicated a this was a good idea.  My bet is on a marketing and I do not have kind words for them.

  • I can confirm msm8bball.



    Was  the right key for me, too.

  • cool thanks Sascha :)  

    I updated the post and gave attribution to msm8bball for the find.


  • It works for VS 2013 too: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0\General\

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