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Kanban for Team Foundation Server

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On August 13, 2012, Brian Harry announced that the Team Foundation Service (TFS in the Cloud) now has support for Kanban boards:



Support for on-premise Team Foundation Server 2012 should come with the first update post-RTM.


Here is a video about this new feature:



Kanban Overview

For those not familiar with Kanban, which was originally created for manufacturing, you can go here for a general overview:



As for Kanban and software development, I personally like this session from TechEd 2011:


  • Tfs board looks like a very nice feature, yet to unveil the full potential of kanban process in TFS I would suggest using 3rd party tools like Eylean or UrbanTurtle as they offer rich functionality over great UI, well Eylean especially is a fancy one.

    Both are able of syncing items from TFS and showing them on rich UI task board.

  • I am using and implemented Kanban board provided by ALM ranger (MS) in my project recently. It is pretty good template with customization as an option to suit everyone need  . Team is happy with CFD, dashboard, report etc.

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