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  • Blog Post: Static Code Analysis – Understanding the Predefined Rules

    SKU: Premium, Ultimate Versions: 2010 Code: vstipTool0140     In vstipTool139 (“Static Code Analysis – Simple Code Analysis”) we scratched the surface of code analysis for a simple class. Now we will begin to delve deeper into the extensive set of predefined rules available out-of-the-box in...
  • Blog Post: Static Code Analysis (aka FxCop) – Simple Code Analysis

    SKU: Premium, Ultimate Versions: 2008, 2010 Code: vstipTool0139   In my extensive travels with my good friend Clint Edmonson ( ) we found yet another feature available in Visual that seems to be underutilized: Static Code Analysis. After some digging, we discovered...
  • Blog Post: Code Metrics and Code Analysis: Visual Studio Code Analysis Team Blog

      Wanna get some good data on your code?  Feeling some love for metrics?  We have the blog for you!  This is crack for metric lovers!
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