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  • Blog Post: Creating and Using a Macro

    Keyboard: CTRL + SHIFT + R (record/stop recording); CTRL + SHIFT + P (run) Menu: Tools -> Macros -> Record Temporary Macro; Tools -> Macros -> Run Temporary Macro; Tools -> Macros -> Save Temporary Macro Command: Tools.RecordTemporaryMacro; Tools.RunTemporaryMacro; Tools.SaveTemporaryMacro...
  • Blog Post: Create a Shortcut Key for a Macro

    Menu: Tools -> Options -> Keyboard Command: Tools.CustomizeKeyboard Versions: 2008,2010 Published: 8/7/2010 Code: vstipTool0066 We covered creating shortcuts in vstipTool0063. Assuming you have a macro you would like to attach a shortcut key to, you can easily make your macros accessible. Let's...
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