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  • Blog Post: Navigating Property Tabs in the Project Properties

    Keyboard: CTRL + PgUp; CTRL + PgDn Command: Window.PreviousTab; Window.NextTab Versions: 2008,2010 Published: 11/16/2010 Code: vstipProj0023 When you are in your project's properties, you may have wondered if you can navigate among the Property Tabs: Well, it turns out that you can! Just use CTRL + PgUp...
  • Blog Post: Recent Files

    Keyboard: ALT + W, [1,2,3, etc] (windows); ALT + F, F, [1,2,3, etc] (files); ALT + F, J, [1,2,3, etc] (projects and solutions) Menu: Tools -> Options -> General -> Recent files; Window -> [1,2,3, etc]; File -> Recent Files -> [1,2,3, etc]; File -> Recent Projects and Solutions ->...
  • Blog Post: Roll Your Own Project Template with the Export Template Wizard

    Menu: File -> Export Template Command: File.ExportTemplate Versions: 2008,2010 Published: 2/22/2010 Code: vstipProj0004 Are you always adding the same extra files to project templates? Ever just wish you could have it all just "be" there? Well you can with the Export Template Wizard! It slices, it...
  • Blog Post: Sorting Templates in the New Project Dialog

    Versions: 2010 Published: 2/14/2010 Code: vstipProj0003 Ever just want to have an alphabetical list of templates in the New Project dialog? Your wait is over! Just use the new "Sort By" dropdown that is available:
  • Blog Post: Recent Project Templates in the New Project Dialog

    Versions: 2010 Published: 2/13/2010 Code: vstipProj0002 Did you know in the New Project dialog you can get a list of your most recent templates? Just click on "Recent Templates" section and you are presented with a list of templates you have used lately.
  • Blog Post: Search for Project Templates in the New Project Dialog

    Keyboard: CTRL + E (when you are inside the New Project Dialog) Versions: 2010 Published: 2/12/2010 Code: vstipProj0001 Did you know you can search for templates in the New Project dialog now? It's true! Look in the upper-right corner of the dialog and you will see the new search area. Click in there...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Debugger FAQ

    Fracking awesome post by Jim Griesmer you have to read:
  • Blog Post: Agile Processes in a Waterfall World...

    Really nice article Agile meets Waterfall.  It's technology is Java but easily translated to our world:
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